Admission: My Epic Experience 1 !!


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As I pen down my admission seeking experience, I remember the words of Steve Jobs in his speech at Stanford University. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect it looking backwards”.

My experience isn’t a funny one but it’s obviously an adventurous one full of ups and downs, tears and fun, creativity and laziness and of course, learning and unlearning stuffs. Okay! let me stop my appetizer and get to the main course.

It started few years back, I finished from one of the best public  Schools in Lagos State, Omole Senior Grammar School to be precise. I made most of my papers yeah, except one of the core subjects but luckily for me I didn’t write jamb that year so it was easy to pick up GCE form and thank God, I made all the necessary papers when the GCE result was released.

That was when the Jamb hustle began!

Need I state here that I got serious with God a year after I left secondary school.

Yeah, I wrote my very first UTME and I think I scored 216 or 214(without cheating, though my definition of cheating keeps changing yearly). I remember choosing OAU innocently, went to write the Post UTME exam with a friend, Oduola Toluwalase (Oduto, he is a graduate today in the same journey I’m yet to fully begin and I am so happy for him) but I never checked my result till date, don’t ask me why, lol. Well, I didn’t check it for two reasons: First, I didn’t have enough cash to get the result-checker card on the day we wrote the exam and going back to Ife alone to get it was a big issue. Secondly, my friend’s result was so bad that after we together went to check his own,  I gave up on myself, lol. Truth is, I used to think he was more brilliant but not anymore.

We both didn’t gain admission into OAU but he went further to write Post UTME at FUTA, his second choice University where he was eventually offered admission  to study Chemistry while I wrote Lautech’s.

My Lautech experience was amazing! I didn’t know anybody in the school and here I was at Ogbomosho thinking hotels would be N500 for a night and later found out that I couldn’t even afford the N500 unless I wanted to jog back to Lagos. To cut the long story short, I had to call a friend who called a friend that called another friend who was schooling in Lautech and I finally found a place to sleep that night. When the result was released, I had something close to 60 sha (can’t remember) and I was so sure I would be admitted that year; I have had this experience over and again. That was how first, second and third list came out and I didn’t see my name on either of the lists, I’m still waiting for the last list till today sha,lol.

I wasn’t granted admission that  year. It was no big deal to me then as I was still very young and was ready to take up the challenge again (their father, who dem be, no be jamb, we go do am again jor) you know that kind of attitude nah. First few months were cool as I was always very free doing nothing other than trekking around the streets of Ojodu with my friends and partners in crime- Segun and Damola.

Damola knew someone who owned a cafe so yeah! I got a new friend and boo called the computer. We had unlimited access to using the server PC, surfing the net for free at any time of the day. Facebook became more interesting and easy to access, we weren’t paying nah, you get? It was also during that period that I developed interest in girls and before the click of a mouse, I already had many girl friends. Seriously, at a point I lost count of how many I had or maybe I didn’t take out time to count well. Facebook gave the platform to meet new friends, mostly ladies and many became more than just friends, all thanks to the amazing MTN that gave us a free platform to talk at night (so now you know why I am still using MTN *wink*).

Although I was involved with so many ladies, I actually got serious with one, I miss her though cos she was the only real girl friend I had, others were long distance relationships.

BOOM!!! I came in contact with Mine Teenage Ministry and the story changed. I met young people like me who were in a more serious relationship, yeah! much more serious relationship with God and with  purity. For me, that was quite alarming! I mean, how could people love God with so much intensity at such a young age? Well, now I know better.

That was how my transformation began- I did a change of nickname from TD to Dabest which later became Oluwadabest, I decided to break up with my girl friend because I figured it was the best thing to do if I really valued my virginity and wanted to live a life of purity.

Chai!It seems I have deviated o, but not to worry i’ll continue in d second part of this series….. It’s a journey


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  1. Great job, bro! More Grace!


  2. nickkyrhodae says:

    Uhmmm…Can’t wait to read the rest of the story


  3. Marigold says:

    Dz promisez 2b vry interestin…bt hw do i read d oda parts..??


  4. Marigold says:

    Hmm..Dz promisez 2b vry interestin…bt hw do i read d oda parts??


  5. munaolisa says:

    Lol, dabest this is awesome. Waiting to see the next, it’s well jare, we all have our stories and I’m inspired to share mine too soon.
    Ehen! Please follow me back, that’s if you don’t want my wahala when I land lagos December. Tk bros!


    1. chrystolite says:

      Anticipate the 2nd series….coming now!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Aare Toluwalase says:

    Waooo.. Make sense bro.. Adun lo gbeyin ewuro


  7. damilola says:

    was just smiling here alone all thru…


  8. Adejoke says:

    lovely …….


  9. Tosin Asala says:

    Thank God for this….expecting the rest of the story…


    1. chrystolite says:

      @Tosin d 2nd part is also available on d blog


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